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Climate Alpha’s AI-powered proprietary Resilience Index™ provides risk, vulnerability, and readiness scores across the U.S. The Index includes a dashboard to guide robust climate adaptation strategies and promote investment into climate resilient areas.

Learn more about the benefits of integrating StateBook data with Climate Apha’s Climate Risk, Readiness, and Vulnerability Indexes led by Climate Alpha founder and CEO Parag Khanna and StateBook founder and CEO Calandra Cruickshank.

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Scoring every location’s resilience to climate risks

Climate Alpha’s proprietary Resilience Index™ scores every location in America according to risk, vulnerability, and readiness factors, allowing for local adaptation investments to shape market forecasts and property valuations. For more information on the full suite of available asset values, forecast indicators, and data available at the zip code level, please contact us.

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Scenario Planning

Climate Alpha uses the latest climate models (CIMP-5 and 6) to construct scenarios to measure the impact of climate change on all 3,000 counties across America. The impact of these scenarios on property values is influenced by each location’s score in the Resilience Index™. Each bucket in the Resilience Index™ – risk, vulnerability, and readiness – is composed of six component indicators. To access full Resilience Index™ indicators, scores, and rankings, please contact us


Climate Alpha’s AI-driven service leverages comprehensive data streams and proprietary machine learning algorithms to produce robust forecasts for real estate assets under diverse scenarios. Climate Alpha supports clients in steering investments into future-proofed assets. The Resilience Index™ also helps communities assess and understand their risk, vulnerability, and readiness against disruptions and serves as a roadmap to inform adaptation policies ranging from infrastructure remediation to population resettlement. For more information about the full suite of available dashboards and custom solutions, please contact us.

Sources & Methods

Climate Alpha has amassed an extensive data lake of more than 100 time-series variables covering socio-economic, demographic, fiscal, climate, and other indicators. Datasets have been collected from both public and private sources and cover all asset classes of real estate, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. Through extensive data engineering, these indicators have been trained on machine learning models that allow for scenario-based forecasting of the “climate price” of various climate scenarios on asset values. 

 CLImate Alpha ALSO forecasts real estate prices FOR 40,000+


to indicate how values may change for real assets under diverse climate scenarios. 

Climate Alpha’s patent-pending scenario forecaster is customizable for each client’s needs, from bespoke scenario-modeling to custom scorecards, dashboards and consultative services. Climate Alpha’s team of experts have advised dozens of municipalities across America on their climate adaptation and innovation strategies.

For more information about the full suite of available scorecards, dashboards, and consultative services,                                   please contact us using the form below.